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Electricity &
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Custom energy plans to suit your needs


No two businesses are alike, which is why ONEnergy provides custom electricity plans catered to suit an array of needs and requirements.

When you choose ONEnergy, a qualified energy expert will work with you to analyze your current consumption and monthly electricity bills and determine your goals and risk tolerance. We will then provide you with a completely customized plan that powers your business the way you need it, while simultaneously reducing the risk of loss caused by market price fluctuations. We offer our clients a variety of electricity plans customized to fit an assortment of needs. Choose from:

Fixed Rate Plan

This plan will protect you from spikes and fluctuations in energy prices. This plan offers you long-term stability and budget certainty. Choose this plan if:

  • You want minimum risk and exposure to volatile markets
  • You do not have time to monitor markets
  • You are looking for 1 to 5 year pricing stability

Variable Rate Plan

This plan helps you take advantage of dips in market prices. Choose this plan if:

  • You have high volume consumption and budget flexibility
  • You are uncertain about future power consumption
  • You want to take advantage of market fluctuations

Custom Price Plan

This plan is ideal for customers looking to meet unique needs in their business. For example we can customize a plan for a manufacturer looking to hedge a larger portion of its consumption during seasonal peaks. Many customers also look to ONEnergy to help them manage part of their load. This is particularly useful if your electricity consumption is expected to fluctuate or be uncertain. ONEnergy's experts will work with you to design a custom price plan and hedging strategy for your electricity commodity costs that works for you!

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Environmentally-Friendly Green Electricity
Good for business, good for the planet

As an industry-leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, ONEnergy is strongly committed to ensuring a healthy planet for future generations, and is deeply invested in our Green Energy Plan initiatives that support environmentally-friendly solutions like wind, solar and hydro-sourced energy.

By reducing their environmental footprint and providing much-needed support and awareness for green initiatives, ONEnergy Green Energy business customers truly make a remarkable difference for the planet.

While commonly offered green energy programs average around 25% green electricity, ONEnergy is proud to offer 100%. Be sure your business is making the smart choice for the future. Simply choose any ONEnergy electricity plan and make it 100% green.

How it works

ONEnergy purchases Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from renewable energy generators across North America. A REC is a document certifying that 1000 kilowatt-hours of electricity were generated from an eligible renewable energy resource such as wind or solar generation. By enrolling in the Green Energy Plan, you ensure your electricity usage is paired with a matching amount of power generated from clean, renewable sources

With ONEnergy conventional and green electricity plans, what you see is what you get. We'll never leave you in the dark regarding hidden fees or unexpected costs. At ONEnergy, your needs are our priority. To learn more about how ONEnergy can help you manage your energy commodity costs, contact Garry Flood at +1 (905) 638-4781 or, or check out ONEnergy's energy commodity solutions at

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